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10 Sex Positions Every Couple Should Try


10 Sex Positions Every Couple Should Try

Having sex in the same, boring position every time isn’t fun. We weren’t living in
the 19th century. Sex isn’t just reproduction. It’s the most exciting and fun activity
in the universe. If you’re in a relationship in which sex isn’t mindblowing – you
have to level up. You can’t change who you are and what you have, but you can
learn how to make the most with it. If you’re looking to start a relationship, read
about ten sex positions every couple should try. You’ll thank us later.
So, let’s start this sexy list.

The Cowgirl

That is the pose where the girl is on top, facing you, riding you. Slowly and then
faster. First, just a little bit. Then the whole thing. The cowgirl is a fantastic
position if a girl wants to dictate the tempo. Men love this position because they
can enjoy watching girls riding them, with their hair, boobs, and stomach facing
them. Couples love this position because they can kiss while doing it. It’s great to
make a deeper connection.

The Hot Seat

The Hot Seat is a variation of the cowgirl (or reversed cowgirl). A man sits on the
bed, sofa, chair, a boulder, you get the picture. A woman sits on top of him,
presenting her beautiful booty to him or facing him to look at her while she rides
him. It’s excellent for a quickie because you don’t need a lot of space. And while
looking at her ass, you won’t need a lot of time.

The G-Whiz

There is a small difference between the boring missionary position and making a
lady scream. Get ready; the position of her legs has a lot to do with it. While
you’re having sex “the normal way,” you can see she can think about 12 different
things. But when you take her legs and put them on your shoulders – all you’ll see
will be her screaming O-face.

Man’s Best Friend

Who’s the men’s best friend? The dog. So this position is usually (and famously)
called the Doggystyle. The woman kneels in a dog position in front of a man who
enters from behind. Men love this position because it gives a perfect view and
freedom. They are in control. They can use hands to spank, pull, squeeze, and rub
anything they want. Ladies love that position for the same reasons + penis hits the
G-spot quickly in that position.

The Flatiron

Some call flatiron the lazy Doggystyle, but this position has a lot of benefits. Girls
can get tired of the Men’s Best Friend, so they need to lay down and rest their
legs. You don’t have to stop then. You can continue pleasing her from behind.
Couples love this position because a man can lay down on a woman’s back while
penetrating her. It gives a unique feeling of connecting with somebody you love.

The Standing Dragon

This one is insane. Girls love this position. To do a standing dragon, a woman
kneels on all four on the bed. A man enters from behind. Yes, the men’s best
friend, but the key here is – you are standing. That enables faster movement. Girls
love that new option, and they can also play with their clitoris in this position.

Restroom Attendant

The ultimate quickie position, the notorious restroom attendant, is the best if
your time and space are limited. Lady holds onto something in front of her,
slightly bending. A man enters from behind, and the fun starts. Usually, the man
dictates the tempo in this position, but she can be a real tease while performing
the restroom attendant if a girl is tall enough.

The Backward Swoon

You know when a girl raises her hips while you’re having sex in the missionary
position (and you’re on your knees)? Add a sex toy to that scene, and you get the
backward swoon.
Let her play with the vibrator. She’ll take care of her clitoris while you’re doing the
rest and taking you to the world of pleasure. Couples love this because it gives the
lady a full mind-blowing orgasm.

The up and over

The up and over sex position is similar to the g-whiz. It’s not so easy to do, so
don’t be sad if you cannot do it with your better half. Instead of resting legs on
the man’s shoulders, a woman should keep her legs up straight and together.
That will result in fantastic sex. But if a woman isn’t flexible, it will be impossible
to do this.

The sit and straddle

One of the most intimate sex positions is left for the end with a good reason. It
lets couples connect so hard it usually wakes up the flames of love. A man should
sit on the floor with his legs crossed like a monk. Then he leans back on his arms.
The woman then sits on him, taking his penis, facing him. It works fantastic

because it gives all the control to your girl, and you can gaze into each other’s
eyes for the whole time.

We showed you some of the best sex positions you can do to please you, your
partner, and your relationship. But you have to remember – practice makes

People from hookup dating sites are sure that the best way to figure out your
body is through experience and practice, so don’t be afraid to try all of these sex

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