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Blasted in the face by real estate dude


Honey, I have to confess you something. I met your friend from real estate during the lunch break today, and he told me that to have the priority on the choice for the new house, I had to do something for him. As you can see I did it, I know I’ve been bad, but think positive, our dream house is just one step away from us!!! Love, sorry to upset you, but he asked you to blow him just because I owed him 100$, and I found another way to pay him back. But think positive, I used the extra 100$ for the dinner I prepared for you to celebrate our new house, I just finalized the agreement. And since you’ve been bad, after dinner you will blow me, because it’s a week that I don’t cum, and I will blast your face even more, like a perfect slut. Because, yes, you are just a slut, but I love you. submitted by Cody created with our cumshot editor.

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