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How Much Sex Do We Really Need?


How Much Sex Do We Really Need?

Sex is a hot topic in every relationship. Either because it’s so good that you can’t stop thinking
about it, or it happens so rarely that you can’t stop complaining. Some people think it’s
impossible to have too much sex. But is that the case? Do you need to have sex 3 times a day,
every day? Let’s find out. On top of that, we’ll provide some tips that will make your sex life

What the Research Tells Us

According to researches, an average couple has sex once a week. But the word average is
misleading, so we have to dig deeper to see the truth. As expected, younger couples have sex
more often than older couples. Couples where both partners are younger than 30, have sex 2
times a week while couples in their late 40s have sex 1,32 times a week (on average). There
are no available researches for couples older than 50, but they most likely have sex less than
once a week because sex drive diminishes as we get older. Interestingly, singles have a lot less
sex than couples.

But those researches didn’t answer our question. How much sex does a human being need?
The answer is simple – there is no upper or lower limit. Everybody should have sex regularly
because it’s good for physical and mental health. But some people are less sexual than others,
so their too much might be too little. That’s why communication in a relationship and the next
paragraph of this article are so important.

Factors that can Impact a Healthy Sex Life

Now when you know that you shouldn’t feel bad if you want to have sex all the time or rarely
you have to learn something about factors that can ruin your sexual desire.

 stress – stress reduces sexual desire, but sex reduces stress, so have sex more often
and you’ll want more of it.

 lack of free time – it’s hard to think about sex when you don’t have enough time to blink.
Try to find time for you and your partner even when work and kids are killing you. That
will make your relationship stronger and fix your sex life.

 lack of communication – sometimes couples don’t like things that are happening under
the sheets, but they don’t want to hurt each other's feelings.

Sex Should be About How Good it is, not About How Often

Quality beats quantity in everything. If you think sex is any different, try to remember the best
sex you ever had. That’s easy. Now try to remember every time you had sex in your life. If you
had sex more than once, you can’t do it. So it’s better to have great sex once a month than to
have lame sex every day. If you can have great sex every day, why are you reading this, go
and do it! But don’t lie to yourself; almost nobody can have great sex every day for a long

Don’t Compare Your Sex Life with Others

Everybody has a friend who can’t stop bragging about their sexual life. “I have sex every day
with a different girl”, “We’re having sex twice a day for the last 10 years,” and similar lies are
often coming from insecure men and women. They want everybody to think they are sexual
machines, but the truth is often much different than that. Even if you know somebody who has
sex that often – don’t let that bring you down. We’re all unique individuals with different
sexual desires. It doesn’t matter if you’re having sex more or less often than anybody else as
long as you and your partner are happy.
As international online dating experts have said, you choose to be physically intimate with a
partner, how often matters much less than the quality of the connection or encounter. Don’t try
to change who you are just because somebody told you you’re having sex too often or too
rarely. Be who you are and enjoy your sexual life. Sex is fun, not a competition.

Improving Your Sex Life

One more lie that some people believe is that you can’t get better at sex. There are a lot of
ways to improve your sex life. We’ll highlight just a couple of them.

 start living healthier – the fitter you are, the better you’ll perform

 don’t let your ego fool you – men often think they’re wizards in bed and that they don’t
need to learn anything. Every person is different. What works with one person might not
work with another. Ask your partner about her/his likes and dislikes and explore each
other. That’ll improve your sex life instantly – we can guarantee you that.

 don’t be afraid to use toys – using sexual toys doesn’t mean you’re a lousy lover. It
means you’re open-minded, and you’re aware of the benefits certain toys (such as
vibrators) bring to the bedroom.

To recap – there is no exact amount of sex you should have, and the quality of sex is more
important than quantity.

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