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Why We Love Sexy Corporal Punishment?


Why We Love Sexy Corporal Punishment?

Some people think that sexy corporal punishment is still taboo. They can’t imagine somebody
enjoying physical punishment. The truth is that many people around the world love sexy
spanking actions; our experts from mature sex dating sites want to talk a little more about why
we love sexy corporal punishment here today and how it hits our spot.

What is Corporal Punishment?

You can hear parents talking about corporal punishment. Sexy corporal punishment isn’t any
different than that. Al least when it comes to the actions. Emotions behind those actions are
100% different. Ask any kid do they like any form of corporal punishment, and they’ll have the
same answer. But ask adults do they love sexy corporal punishment, and the majority will say
they are crazy about it. Before explaining the topic any further, you have to know what is
considered a sexy corporal punishment.

● spanking
● slapping
● pinching (with or without equipment, on any part of the body)
● pulling (yes, even your “innocent” hair pulling goes into this category, but you can pull
other things too)
● twisting
● hitting with an object (whips, belts, bats, sticks, dildos, whatever you like)

Preparing for a Punishment Session

It may look to you that taking part in sexy games that include corporal punishment is as simple
as ABC, but you have to prepare for it. First of all, you have to discuss what kind of punishment
you’ll like to try with your partner. Something you find attractive might be too much for your
partner so try to find actions that will work for both of you.
Cleaning your equipment (if you use any) after every use is a very important part of preparation.
You don’t want body liquids to dry on your toys. It’s not hygienic, and it’s a big turn-off for
Make sure you have a safe word. Sometimes people get too excited and go over the line.
Having a safe word is a life-saver in those situations.

The Types We Love

Most people enjoy common types of corporal punishment. Girls love spanking on their booties, it
makes them go wild. Most of them love being pulled by their hair while penetrated. Men love
when girls stick their nails into their backs. It’s a sign they’re doing things right.
More adventurous people enjoy choking and controlled slapping. Being hit with an object is also
very popular. Some people use regular objects such as belts. Others use specific objects
connected to their fantasies, such as stethoscopes or rulers. The third category buys special
toys for sexy corporal punishment.

Special Toys

Most of the couples, or singles, who want to try sexy punishment strat with buying some whip.
There are levels to the whipping game, so if you’re a rookie, don’t buy a whip with ultra-thin
hairs. Thin leather endings hurt more than wide ones, and they’re more likely to cut through the
skin. There are also whips with metal endings.
Paddles are similar to whips, but people often combine them with other sex toys. Nipple clamps,
blindfolds, bondage toys, and ball gags are commonly used together. There are no limits to
sexy corporal punishment so let your imagination lead the way. You’ll have a great time.

What We Get Out of It

Combining sex and physical punishment might seem brutal to some people, but those who love
it get much more from it than just sexual arousal. To engage in that kind of sex, you have to
trust your partner, so it’s one of the best ways to make your relationships stronger.
Also, sexy punishment is great for learning more about yourself. You can test your tolerance to
pain. You can make your fantasies come true.

There are benefits of sexy corporal punishment that aren’t connected to sex at all. A lot of
people gain confidence and become more determined because of it. Once you realize you can
take a violent whipping or spanking, regular problems lose their power. Boss yelling at you won’t
raise your pulse at all because you’ll know you’re capable of taking much more. You’ll lose the
fear of most things because you’ll see that the human body isn’t as soft as people think.

The Importance of Aftercare

But, don’t forget to take care of yourself and your partner after you finish with sex. That’s
extremely important from a physical and mental point of view. Talk about the experience you
just had. Make sure all of the physical wounds (if there are any) are taken care of. You have to
stay healthy and fit to continue enjoying that kind of sex. Cuddling after sexy corporal
punishment is also very important. You’ll make your relationship stronger and calm down easily.
Having a warm meal is also one of the common practices couples use to regenerate their
bodies and souls.

As you could see, there is much more to sex than a boring missionary position. We encourage
you to try some form of corporal punishment in your bedroom. Still, please follow this article’s
advice to reduce the risk of any serious injuries.

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